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TaxPlanUK  -  Plan to Pay Less Tax!




TAX AVOIDANCE (also known as tax minimisation) is making genuine changes to your financial arrangements, which, as a by-product, results in legally paying less tax.


TAX EVASION is misrepresenting your financial arrangements, to pay less tax. (Monetary value of, ownership of, true source of income etc..) This is illegal and you must not do it.


TaxPlanUK helps you with TAX AVOIDANCE. By making better use of your own and your partner’s tax thresholds you can keep more of your hard-earned money to yourselves. Income tax, capital gain tax, they all have free thresholds and higher rate thresholds. ISA’s & pensions are another free source of putting your money to work without paying tax on it. Company vehicles, depending on their CO2 favourability to the tax office, can be an unnecessary and unexpected tax burden.

Sample page showing how company vehicle can affect your tax bill:-
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Method 1 : Fill in your financial information. Click on the “SAVE ME TAX” button. Sift through the results to see if any of the suggestions are practical and attractive to you. Move money/make changes as appropriate (it doesn’t save you any money unless you do this final stage)


Method 2 : Fill in your financial information. Try “what-if’s” of your own: What-if you work 3 day a week and your partner works 2 to share childcare? What-if you upgrade to a performance company car? What if you retire early with a lump sum? You might be better off than you expect. Then make changes to your lifestyle as appropriate (it doesn’t save you any tax unless you do this final stage)


TaxPlanUK will work with all versions of Windows (including Vista), you just click on the links to download & install it on your computer and then have a 30 days trial period before you have to decide whether to purchase or not. The trial version is fully functioning, including saving your project, printing your results etc.


TaxPlanUK is not guaranteed and should only be used for indication purposes only. It is impossible to keep it fully up-to-date with all the laws & special cases (e.g. share fishermen in Burwick-Upon-Tweed etc.) For practicality reasons some tax calculations have been simplified e.g. we have to assume a steady-state situation. Do not use TaxPlanUK as an excuse for not getting proper professional advice.


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