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EBC430 Semi-Automatic Braking Test Station

This equipment was installed at TRW Automotive Electronics in Birmingham. Handscomb Consultants was involved primarily in the Description: PB280008.JPGsoftware element of the project.

The equipment consists of 7 instruments, 3 PC cards, 4 wheel-speed generators and load simulators. It can communicate with the unit under test via various different protocols depending which product is being tested. There are currently 4 test stations

Many thousands of the braking product are tested each week, split into about a dozen or so different variant types; test time is in the region of one minute. There are heavy financial consequences if production of cars is stopped at these factories.

This is the final test stage before the units leave the factory. Final set-up of parameters in the eeprom in the unit is performed. Also a check is made to ensure all previous test stages have been passed. Only if it passes those as well as this test stage is a label printed. This is a failsafe system. All test results are archived against serial number so full traceability is possible.

Key Benefits of using Handscomb Consultants

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Recommending the most efficient testing regime.

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Negotiating changes to the specification where needed.

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Analysing weekly failure statistics, working out root cause of failures.

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Liasing with manufacturing, quality, product hardware & software, internal customers.

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EBC450 Braking Electronic Test Section of Automated Production Line

Description: 009 Munich 2005 .jpgDescription: P6270014.JPGThis is a similar product but as part of a fully automated production line. Communication with the line controller is essential with a fail safe system so that no communication error or unusual starting point can result in a faulty or untested unit being passed, or (less importantly, but still significant) the production line freezing up.

Test times are also critical since the throughput of the production line is determined by the slowest process.